Finding Your Metro Detroit Game Group

Our mission is to build board game communities. We’ve set up a few tools for you to get in contact with other board gamers in the Metro Detroit area.

  1. Our NEW Facebook groups. Facebook doesn’t always show you what you want to see, so if you want a direct line to the game library & locations that you most want to participate in, join the associated Facebook group and start posting. As we expand, our website, Facebook feed, and other outlets are going to have a lot of information that you’ll probably want, but because we host so many game nights now we’re going to be posting location-specific information in these groups, so JOIN THEM!
  2. Our general Facebook feed. I know that not everyone uses Facebook, but enough people do that it has become a great way to connect with other board gamers. Our feed will keep you posted on all of our events, new retail items, as well as general board game news.
  3. Our website page for game night. If you just want a quick reference for all game night info, we keep this updated with all of our events at a glance.
  4. Our Facebook events. This page is also up to date with upcoming info on all of our events across Metro Detroit, but with the Facebook events you can click into each instance and start a thread.
  5. Our MeetUp Page(s). We have a generic MeetUp page for all of our events, and a separate one for our Pontiac location to try to incorporate more north Oakland county folks into our game nights. The more people that RSVP to our meetup events, the stronger each community will be. Make sure you join meetup and start RSVPing to make the events great!


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