Humanity MUST Survive Megagame!

Humanity MUST Survive!

“A Geopolitical “Game of Nations”… A multi-team Survival MegaGame,

using the “COMET” Megagame Engine.


Humanity MUST Survive! is the latest offering in the recent Megagame craze.  This craze started in the U.K. but has been rapidly spreading across the U.S.  

A Megagame has been recently defined as a “A 20+ player LIVE in-person game”.  Part Board Game, Part Role Playing game, Part Negotiating game, Megagames are played LIVE and provide enough interaction to to keep ALL PLAYERS Engaged!

In “Humanity MUST Survive!” and most megagames, players are grouped into several nation-teams of 2-6 players per team.  All teams usually have similar overall goals, but may have unique team goals in addition.  Within each team, there are several “team-roles” to be filed. Each team player filling these roles is playing their-specific-portion of the overall game.  Each player has a particular set of rules and objectives for their role that blends with the other team members towards the common team goal.



To imagine playing this megagame, combine the following elements:

  • A super-sized map of the world similar to the one in the game of RISK
  • A Resource Economy and Trading Market similar to the SETTLERS OF CATAN.
  • A a tech-tree like any RTS (Real Time Strategy) game
  • A negotiation/ambassador/diplomacy system between nations similar to the real world
  • A military combat & tactics system similar to the game DIPLOMACY

In this game YOU will join a team representing one of the many nations of earth near future. Your Nation and its culture must survive one or more growing global threats, navigate the politics of war, command the politics of peace, advance your technology, and master your economy to save your people forever.

This upcoming event is a BETA TEST event.  Until this game gets fully-tested and tuned, players may encounter a few gaps in the ruleset or rules that will need to be immediately changed or possibly changed for the next running of the game.  We appreciate your willingness to help us test this new game and your patience incase portions don’t run as smoothly as expected.

Gather your team…  Choose your role…  Have some fun!


Monday, November 13th

6 pm - 10 pm


Register online or in-store. Seats are extremely limited so get yours today!

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