Join us for our first board game auction! 

It’s time to clean out those game shelves!

On Monday, September 12th, at our weekly game night, we will host a silent auction with your board games! So if you are looking to get rid of your games (with the option of 110% of the sale price in store credit*), or pick up some new ones, this is the event for you!

We will update the spreadsheet below as games are entered.

Starting Bid
Smash Up Awesome Level 9000 Expansion Good 5
King of Tokyo Like New 5
New York 1901 Like New 10
The Resistance Like New 3
Bang! Like New 5
Scrimish 3-4 Player Expansion Like New 4
Hive Like New 4
The Traders of Genoa Very Good 10
Mow Money Like New 5
Red Dragon Inn 2 Like New 5
Booze Barons Like New 5
Tumult Royale Like New 10
The Reef, Tally Ho, The Rose King Very Good 20
Space Cadets: Away Missions Like New 30
Survive: Space Attack 5-6 Player Expansion, The Crew Strikes Back Like New 20
Ice Flow Very Good 10
Exploding Kittens Like New 10
Pit: Deluxe Edition Like New 5
Havana Like New 10
Forbidden Island Like New 8
Bucket Brigade Like New 5
Blokus Very Good 5
51st State Master Set Like New 22
Acquire New in shrink 12
Alhambra New in shrink 16
Cube Quest New in shrink 12
Dominant Species New in shrink 30
Doomtown: Reloaded New in shrink 16
Dungeon Fighter New in shrink 20
Hacienda New in shrink 16
Lady Alice New in shrink 14
Olympos New in shrink 22
Pictomania New in shrink 20
Rise of Augustus New in shrink 16
San Juan New in shrink 14
Summoner Wars: Master Set New in shrink 20
Tragedy Looper New in shrink 16
Shinobi Wataah New in shrink 16
Shitenno New in shrink 16
Battlecruisers: Eminent Domain Universe Like New 7
Boss Monster Very Good 5
Rivals For Catan Like New 8
BattleCON: War of Indines Very Good 15
Crazy Creatures of Dr. Doom Like New 2
Spellcaster With promo card. New in shrink 8
Elysium With promo card. New in shrink 24
Steam Park With promo card. New in shrink 16
Stockpile New in shrink 20
Quadropolis With promo card. New in shrink 20



5 PM: Game night starts + REVEL bar is open

5:30 PM: Last call for games to enter the silent auction + food arrives

6 PM: Silent auction starts!

8:30 PM: Last call for bids

9 PM: Winners will be announced


If you’re looking to sell…

Things to know:

  • You will be charged $1 per game to enter, due at drop-off.
  • We are open for you to drop off items the weekend before the auction beginning Friday at 2 PM, during store hours, until no later than 5:30 PM the day of the auction. (Early drop-off can be accommodated for with proper notice.)
  • You are required to sign-up for the auction before drop-off, using this form.
  • You must fill out the form once per game you are entering.
  • Starting bids cannot be more than 25% of MSRP.
  • You will receive 110% of the sale price in TLD store credit. That credit may be used on anything we have on our shelves or anything our distributors carry.
  • You can opt for 70% of the sale price in cash, instead of store credit.

If you have any questions, please contact us using this form.