Rental Program


Game Rentals

The main perk of the membership program is the ability to rent games from our home library at The Rust Belt Market. There's no limit to the amount of games you can have out at one time and it's free to keep each rental for 7 days! Join waitlists for popular titles, have rentals delivered to you via Postmates, and reserve specific titles for specific dates! View our rental portal in our menu above! From there you can view our entire collection, schedule rentals and deliveries!


Each membership tier includes a discount on items purchased at our retail location. Some tiers include a discount/free entry to our paid events, like euchre tournaments, our annual games day, and more!

Mystery Boxes

Welcome Box

A welcome box with a surprise game will be delivered to your home upon signup for all tiers above Bronze. MSRP $20/30/40.

Mystery Box

Receive a mystery box of games/items every 6 months! You will be able to select from a few different categories so the box can be customized based on your gaming style/needs. Family games, party games, the gamer, role playing, etc. MSRP $60/120/180/240


Bronze - 15/month - 6 months for 10/month

  • free weekly rentals
  • library addition requests
  • rental waitlist
  • 6 month mystery box
  • weekday rental delivery available

Silver - 25/month - 6 months for 20/month

  • bronze benefits, plus
  • rental reservations
  • discounted TLD events
  • 20% off retail purchases
  • welcome box

Gold - 35/month - 6 months for 30/month

  • bronze and silver benefits, plus
  • free TLD events
  • 30% off retail purchases
  • satellite library additions available to your home location

Platinum - 45/month - 6 months for 40/month

  • all other benefits, plus
  • 40% off retail purchases
  • jump to the top of waitlists
  • annual invite-only game event with TLD owners